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Am I allowed to eat at midnight?! Soooo hungry.


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More Granola

Here comes another Granola Bar. They are 195 calories each so I’m having 2 a day with a cup of tea. Surprising how excited you can be about a granola bar!!

It really hasn’t been that bad though. I think once I’m used to it, it’ll be no bother.

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Hello world!

SO today is the first day of my new regime that will be ADF (Alternate Day Fasting) I am doing this for health benefits and also to drop some weight…. I have a well developed Mummy Tummy that now my youngest is 1 has to go!!

I have decided to do this after watching the rather brilliant Horizon off of BBC 2 that is still on the Iplayer if you fancy a look.

SO today I have eaten a granola bar with a cup of tea and a couple of raw carrots and I’m planning on having another granola bar and a cuppa for tea…… I realise that this is not optimum nutrition but I have two toddlers and I need to find some headspace to plan and I was desperate to get started…


Looking for tips and idea’s and shared experiences of fasting for health and weight.